EVENT: Ruth Wisse on The Languages and Literatures of Jewish Experience (March 13)

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What role does the scholarly study of Hebrew and Jewish literature play in today’s universities worldwide? How have and should scholars distill the research in their fields to inform Jewish life, literature, and learning abroad? Prof. Ruth R. Wisse (Harvard University; Tikvah Fund) will join Jeffrey Saks, Director of Research at Agnon House, to discuss her long career as a scholar of Jewish literatures, and the great trio of Jewish Nobel laureates: S.Y. Agnon, Saul Bellow, and Isaac Bashevis Singer – and their achievements in the three languages of the 20th-century Jewish experience: Hebrew, English, and Yiddish.

The event will take place on Sunday, March 13 at 8:00 pm (Israel IST) = 2:00 pm (Eastern EDT) on Zoom. Participation is free – register at https://agnonhouse.org.il/event/jerusalem-2/ 

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