ANN: New Book "Isaac's Fear: An Early Modern Encyclopedia of Judaism" by David Malkiel

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Isaac’s Fear: An Early Modern Encyclopedia of Judaism
by David Malkiel
Academic Studies Press, February 2022 – 268 pp.

Isaac’s Fear is a wide-ranging study of a Hebrew encyclopedia of Judaism by Isaac Lampronti, a rabbi and physician from eighteenth-century Ferrara, in Italy; this is the first encyclopedia of Judaism, with entries on thought and praxis. The book’s eight chapters are previously published studies. Isaac’s Fear represents the attempt to synthesize modern science and religious tradition, a fundamental issue then and in our own day. Encyclopedia entries illuminate the society and culture of early modern Italy, its Jewish community and the intellectual life of the author and his contemporaries. 


Table of Contents 


Part One

1. Empiricism
Source: “Empiricism in Isaac Lampronti’s Pahad Yizhak,” Materia Giudaica 10 (2005), pp. 341-51.

2. Palazzo Tè
Source: “Palazzo Tè between Science and Imagination,” Journal of Early Modern History 20 (2016), pp. 429-61.

3. The Past
Source: “The Burden of the Past in the Eighteenth Century: Authority and Custom in the Pahad Yizhaq,” Jewish Law Annual 16 (2006), pp. 93-132.

4. Traditional Society
Source: “Ebraismo, tradizione e società: Isaaco Lampronti e l’identità ebraica nella Ferrara del XVIII secolo,” Zakhor 7 (2005), pp. 9-42.

Part Two

5. The Sambation
Source: “The Sambation River and the Ten Lost Tribes in Isaac Lampronti’s Pahad Yizhak,” [Hebrew] Pe‘amim 94-95 (2003), pp. 159-80.

6. Intercessory Prayer
Source: “Between Worldliness and Traditionalism: Eighteenth-Century Italian Jews Debate Intercessory Prayer,” Jewish Studies Internet Journal 2 (2003), pp. 169-98.

7. Pollution
Source: “Law and Architecture: The Pollution Crisis in the Italian Ghetto,” European Journal of Jewish Studies 4.2 (2011), pp. 255-84.

8. Christian Hebraism
Source: “Christian Hebraism in a Contemporary Key: The Search for Hebrew Epitaph Poetry in Seventeenth-Century Italy,” Jewish Quarterly Review 96 (2006), pp. 123-46.


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