ToC: Foreign Entanglements: Transnational American Jewish Studies - PaRDeS: Journal of the Association for Jewish Studies in Germany, no. 27 (2021)

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Dear colleagues,

The editors of PaRDeS, the journal of the Association for Jewish Studies in Germany, are pleased to announce the publication of the latest issue: “Foreign Entanglements: Transnational American Jewish Studies.” It is edited by Hasia Diner, Markus Krah, and Björn Siegel. PaRDeS is available online (open access) and in print. You can download the entire issue for free here: (by clicking the link near the pdf logo on the right). Print copies can be ordered here: The archive of earlier issues can be found here:


Hasia Diner/Markus Krah – Foreign Entanglements: Transnational American Jewish Studies


Shari Rabin – Mobile Jews and Porous Borders: A Transnational History in the Nineteenth Century

Yitzchak Schwartz – American Jewish Ideas in a Transnational Jewish World, 1843-1900

Mirjam Thulin – Instituting Transnational Jewish Learning: The Emergence of Rabbinical Seminaries in the Nineteenth Century

Oskar Czendze – In Search of Belonging: Galician Jewish Immigrants Between New York and Eastern Europe, 1890-1938

Imanuel Clemens Schmidt – A Secular Tradition: Horace Kallen on American Democracy in the United States and Israel

Markus Krah – Exporting Jewish Ideas from Germany (via Palestine) to America: Salman Schocken and the Transnational Transfer of Texts, 1931-1950

Jessica Cooperman – Jewish-Christian Dialogue and American Visions of the Postwar World

From the Archive

Elisabeth Gallas/Miriam Rürup – “Advocate of the Jewish People” - Nehemia Robinson’s Legal Activism after 1945: An Introduction

Further Reading: A Select Bibliography of Transnational American Jewish Studies

Book Reviews

Daniel B. Schwartz, Ghetto: The History of a Word (Jürgen Heyde)

Karl Erich Grözinger, Jüdisches Denken: Theologie – Philosophie – Mystik, Band 5 Meinungen und Richtungen im 20. und 21. Jahrhundert, and Michael Marmur/David Ellenson (eds.), American Jewish Thought Since 1934: Writings on Identity, Engagement, and Belief (Thomas Meyer)

Debra Kaplan, The Patrons and Their Poor: Jewish Community and Public Charity in Early Modern Germany (Rotraud Ries)

Jörg Osterloh, „Ausschaltung der Juden und des jüdischen Geistes“: Nationalsozialistische Kulturpolitik 1920 – 1945 (Anna Ullrich)

Tim Corbett, Die Grabstätten meiner Väter: Die jüdischen Friedhöfe in Wien (Anke Geißler-Grünberg)

David Sorkin, Jewish Emancipation: A History across Five Centuries (Michael K. Schulz)

Karin Schutjer, Goethe und das Judentum: Das schwierige Erbe der modernen Literatur (Rafael D. Arnold)

Tobias Freimüller, Frankfurt und die Juden: Neuanfänge und Fremdheitserfahrungen, 1945 – 1990 (Andrea A. Sinn)

Rolf Kießling, Jüdische Geschichte in Bayern: Von den Anfängen bis zur Gegenwart (Rotraud Ries)


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