EVENT: James Parkes 40th Anniversary Commemoration - The Unknown and Little Know Legacy

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Join us for an evening of talks and to launch a new digital exhibition to commemorate the life and legacy of Reverend Dr James Parkes, a tireless fighter against antisemitism in all forms who has been hailed in academic historiography as the 'great Christian pioneer' in three distinct ways: the pioneering purveyor of scholarly studies linking Christian teachings on Jews to modern antisemitism; the pioneering dissenter on Christian missions to Jews; and the pioneering insister on the perdurability of God's covenant with Jews. 

Date: Tuesday 30 November 2021
Time: 6-7:30pm GMT
Registration Link: https://www.southampton.ac.uk/parkes/news/events/2021/11/40th-anniversary-commemoration.page

About the Event
The evening will include presentations on James Parkes by Dr Carolyn Sanzenbach and Dr Chad McDonald and the reading of extracts of James Parkes unpublished letter about the Holocaust from 1943.

We will also launch and demonstrate the digital exhibition James Parkes and the Age of Intolerance, curated by Chad McDonald and digitised by Katie Power.

Dr Chad McDonald, ‘'Early Life and Influences: Known and Forgotten?’will discuss James Parkes’ life and activities until his arrival back in England in 1935. In doing so, he will explore what inspired him to develop the travelling exhibition about Parkes’ life, linking into the fact that Parkes appeared to have been forgotten in many circles.

Dr Carolyn Sanzenbacher, 'New Evidence and Changing Perceptions', will look at aspects of the unknown and little-known legacy of James Parkes, bringing to light his national and international work on behalf of Jewish refugees throughout the Hitler years; his wartime collaborations with Jewish groups on post-war restoration of Jewish rights; and his increasing emphasis on the necessity of the State of Israel.

The evening will be chaired by Professor Tony Kushner.

Registration is free and all are welcome. Please click here to register.