TOC: Zion Publication - Volume LXXXVII * 1 * 2022

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Jewish History / Studies

The Historical Society of Israel is delighted to announce the publication of the latest issue of ZION, A Quarterly for Research in Jewish History Volume  LXXXVII * 1 * 2022 



Maren R. Niehoff: Tracing Hellenistic Judaism in Caesarea: A Jewish Scholar of the Psalms in Origen’s Gloss

Benjamin Brown: The Ascendancy of the Maggid of Mezeritch to the Helm of the Hasidic Movement

Gabriel Abensour: Lishkat Yessod Hamaaravi: A Moroccan-Jewish Association in the Late Nineteenth Century


Davia Be_Shelomo: Between Egypt and Canaan (Ido Koch, The Shadow of Egypt: Colonial Encounters in Southwest Canaan during the Late Bronze Age and Early Iron Age)

Roni Shweka: Hidden Treasures in Book-Bindings (Simcha Emanuel, Hidden Treasures from Europe, 2) 

Moshe Rosman: Emancipation: History vs Metahistory (David Sorkin, Jewish Emancipation: A History Across Five Centuries)

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The journal Zion, published in Jerusalem since 1935, was founded by Prof. Ben-Zion Dinur and Prof. Yitzhak Baer. Its editors are leading scholars in the field of Jewish history. Zion discuss Jewish history throughout the ages, from the biblical period to modern times. The journal features leading historians in Israel and worldwide as well as scholars from related disciplines, whose research sheds light on specific aspects of Jewish history. 

Editors: Shmuel Feiner, Miriam Frenkel, Jonathan J. Price

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Editorial Secretary: Yehezkel Hovav

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