CFP: R. Moses Cordovero and His World: A Conference Commemorating the 500th Anniversary of his Birth

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R. Moses Cordovero and His World:

A Conference Commemorating the 500th Anniversary of his Birth

as part of the 18th World Congress of Jewish Studies

Mt. Scopus Campus, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 8–12 August, 2022


2022/5782 marks the 500th anniversary of the birth of R. Moses Cordovero (1522-1570). Cordovero was a key figure in the Safedian sixteenth-century kabbalistic renaissance and one of the most proliferous writers in the history of Jewish thought. The World Union of Jewish Studies, in cooperation with Ben Zvi Institute for the Study of Jewish Commmunities in the East, invites proposals for a conference dedicated to Cordovero, his thought, legacy, and contexts, to be held as part of the forthcoming 18th World Congress of Jewish Studies in Jerusalem on August 8-12 2022.

Cordovero’s voluminous and comprehensive literary corpus deals with a plethora of topics concerning both human life and the Divine. Among his writings are Pardes rimonim, one of the foundational works of Kabbalah; Or yaqar, his all-encompassing commentary on Zoharic literature and Sefer yetsirah; the springs of Sefer Elimah, in which he presents systematic and original discussions of the nature of God, the various worlds, the Torah and the human being; Tefilah le-Moshe, in which he presents his complex system of prayer intention. There are also the shorter compositions—Sefer gerushin, Or ne’erav, and Tomer Devorah—that contribute to our understanding of Safedian spiritual life. Cordovero’s literary project represents one of the most impressive intellectual endeavors of his era and places him among the most conspicuous thinkers in the early modern Ottoman empire.

Recent years have seen growing scholarly interest in Cordovero’s life and thought. Scholars are steadily shedding light on previously obscure aspects of his Kabbalah and reassessing his place in the legacy of Safed and its impact on Jewish modernity. This conference aims to advance the diverse trends of current research and to give expression to the plenitude of relevant perspectives and contexts.

We invite proposals exploring topics relating to Cordovero’s life and thought, to his reception and influence, and to the contexts within which he operated.

Proposals (up to 250 words) are to be submitted through the World Congress registration site, under the rubric "Cordovero Conference - כנס רמ״ק". The deadline for submissions is December 1st 2021. Detailed submission instructions are available in the World Congress website. Any further inquiries please address the organizing committee by email:

Pending sponsorship, speakers may receive a waiver for registration fees.

Academic Committee: Prof. J. H. Chajes, Prof. Boaz Huss, Prof. Moshe Idel, Prof. Menachem Lorberbaum, and Prof. Bracha Sack. Committee secretary: Dr. Assaf Tamari.