CFP: The Sages of Egypt: Their Works and Activity from the 17th to the Mid-19th Centuries (June 7th 2022)

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CFP: The Sages of Egypt: Their Works and Activity from the 17th to the Mid-19th Centuries (June 7th 2022) 

Announcement published by Zvi Zohar on Monday, October 11, 2021


Call for Papers


November 28, 2021



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Early Modern History and Period Studies, Jewish History / Studies, Law and Legal History, Middle East History / Studies, Religious Studies and Theology

From the early Middle Ages until the departure of the last rabbi in the wake of the Six-Day War, the Jewish communities of Egypt were graced by the presence of great scholars who enhanced communal life and scholarship generation after generation. Significant research has been
devoted to rabbis who were active before the 17th century and from mid-19th century onwards. However, the oeuvre and activities of the rabbis of Egypt during the intervening two centuries remains a virtual lacuna from an academic perspective – despite the fact that the works of tens of
rabbis active in Egypt in this period are readily available in print or in manuscript.

Our goal in initiating this conference is, to bring to light their works in the fields of halacha, Jewish Though, Kabbalah, homiletics, and exegesis, and to illuminate the implications of these works for the cultural, social, and religious life of Egyptian Jews of the era. We invite researchers from all academic fields to propose topics based on new research and innovative reflection on the works of these rabbis.

To facilitate access to the relevant sources, the staff of the Schocken Institute has compiled a detailed chronological list of works and persons relevant to the topics of the conference, that can be received by writing to the Schocken Institute via the e-mail address provided above. 

It is our intention to publich a peerreviewed volume of articles based on papers presented at the conference.

Proposals, including a heading and a concise summary of the lecture’s content in a few paragraphs, should be submitted by the 28th of November 2021, via e-mail: Replies will be sent out by the end of December, 2021.

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Dr. Naama Teitelbaum-Karrie
Schocken Institute, Jerusalem

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