A parting word from the outgoing H-Judaic Review Editor

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Dear All,

As the outgoing book review editor I want to thank all of the reviewers I've had the pleasure to work with. It has been a pleasure and an honor. Thank you. I strongly believe that your reviews make an important contribution to our academic disciplines.

With this in mind, I would also like to address the following plea to all subscribers of H-Judaic: please, do write book reviews!

The task of finding reviewers willing not only to commit but also to deliver has been the most difficult and occasionally frustrating part of my experience as the editor. If I had a penny for each time I heard that "reviews don't matter" perhaps I wouldn't have to worry about my retirement. Often as one may hear such opinion it remains not only false but also detrimental to our academic lives because it limits discussions of our work.

Simply put: if we want to see our own work reviewed, it would be sensible of us not to decline writing reviews of other people's works. Of course, we are all busy and since the pandemic things have become more difficult. It is not easy and sometimes it simply is impossible to find time for an extra assignment. But reviews do matter and for this reason we all should try to make that time.

Once again, my thanks to all the reviewers. Serving as the book review editor for H-Judaic has been an enriching experience first and foremost because of you.

Barbara Krawcowicz

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