CONFERENCE: Examining American Responses to the Holocaust: Digital Possibilities, hosted by the FDR Library, Oct 12-15, 2021

Abby Gondek Discussion

The FDR Library is holding an international public-facing conference October 12-15, 2021 that will examine the current state of Holocaust scholarship and the contemporary relevance of the US government’s response to the Holocaust, with a special emphasis on how the field of digital humanities and the increasing need for and access to digital research is changing the way Holocaust research is conducted and disseminated. The virtual conference will feature 15 sessions held over a four-day period and will live-stream sessions. Registration is free but limited to 500 participants; only those who register can ask questions and participate in the virtual conference. 

To register and learn more about the conference sessions and speakers, visit the conference website here:

Unregistered participants will be able to live-stream conference sessions available on the FDR Library YouTube page.

For any questions, you can contact Dr. Abby Gondek, Morgenthau Scholar-in-Residence at