TOC: European Judaism (Vol. 54, Issue 2)

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The latest issue of European Judaism: A Journal for the New Europe has published! This special issue includes papers delivered over a five-year period at the International Jewish Christian Bible Week held at Haus Ohrbeck, Osnabrück, Germany.


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Volume 54, Issue 2



Jonathan Magonet


International Jewish Christian Bible Week


Jonathan Magonet


Bible Week 2015, Kohelet/Ecclesiastes

Christian Interpretation of Kohelet [Ecclesiastes]: Three Examples from History and the Present

Elisabeth Birnbaum


The Threefold Cord of Ecclesiastes

John Jarick


Bible Week 2016, Psalms 107–118

The Psalter as a House of Voices: Or, On the Possibility of a Christian Reading of the Psalms

Egbert Ballhorn


Bible Week 2017, Mishlei/The Book of Proverbs

Mishlei/Proverbs: Weaving the Web of Wisdom

Lindsey Taylor-Guthartz


The Dangerous Stupidity of the Unambiguous: The Polarity of the Proverbial Literature as a School of Wisdom

Ursula B. Rapp


‘For the Lord Will Be Your Confidence . . .’ Prov. 3:26

Nazek Matty


Bible Week 2018, 50th Anniversary

Eve Was Framed and Other Interpretations from the Exegetical Vanguard

Deborah Kahn-Harris


Jonah Unbound

Howard Cooper


Bible Week 2019, Psalms 119–134

Psalms of Ascent

Shani Tzoref


A Transforming Path – The Pilgrims’ Songs

Klara Butting


Learning to Pray by Singing: Gregorian Chants with Texts Based on the Psalms

Stefan Klöckner



Jonathan Magonet


From the Tradition

What Did We Hear at Sinai?

Larry Tabick


In Memoriam

Rabbi William (Willy) Wolff, Ze’ev ben Avraham v’LeahQ (13 February 1927–8 July 2020)

Tony Bayfield, Julia Neuberger, Alexandra Wright, Manuela Koska, and Britta Wauer


Ada Rapoport-Albert (26 October 1945–18 June 2020)

Joanna Weinberg


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