QUERY: London publication "Pointer"

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I’ve come across a reference to an article entitled “The Kol Nidre Melody” that is supposed to have appeared in the Autumn 1967 issue of a London publication entitled “Pointer,” a title I don’t recognize. 

Can anyone supply a source for that newspaper/magazine? Or provide any other information that would lead me to it?



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I think it is this:
Title Pointer.
Publisher London : Union of Liberal and Progressive Synagogues
Creation Date 1965-1976
Notes Ceased pub. with Vol.10, No.3,1976
Biennial, winter, 1974-spring, 1975
It is available (so it seems) in the National Library of Israel.
If you write to my email, I can scan it for you.
Shaul Stampfer

Thank you! Someone else had already provided information about "Pointer."