Free Online Course for educators on Kindertransport, 5-23 July 2021, Parkes Institute

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The Parkes Institute at the University of Southampton (UK) is running a free course on the Kindertransport. It is designed for educators but may be of interest to others. The course will run over 3 weeks (5-23 July) with a mixture of asynchronous and synchronous activities, participants will also have access to an online exhibition curated for the course.  Live sessions will take place on Thursdays 5pm (BST) and will run on Microsoft Teams. The course will be conducted in English.  


The course draws on the very latest research and will cover a diverse range of perspectives on the topic of the Kindertransport. Participating will open up exciting new avenues of knowledge, introduce new ways that we can explore the Kindertransport and this knowledge can be used in the classroom. The course covers an introduction to the Kindertransport in week 1, week 2 and week 3 cover the experience in the UK and the rest of the world, respectively.  


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