ANN: Freelance position available: editor/indexer for the Yerusha project

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Freelance position available: editor/indexer (100 to 150 hours/month for 3 months)

The Rothschild Foundation Hanadiv Europe is a London-based charitable organisation supporting a range of Jewish cultural and heritage initiatives in over 40 European countries.

The Foundation is currently recruiting an indexer/editor for its Yerusha project. Yerusha is an online hub of information regarding Jewish archival heritage in Europe.

Duties and responsibilities

  • attaching subject terms to archival descriptions using a set thesaurus (indexing)
  • identifying locations in a geographical authority file and linking them up to the Yerusha database
  • identifying persons and families in an authority file and linking them up to the Yerusha database
  • checking various fields of archival descriptions for format requirements using a set checklist

Person specification

  • archival or library cataloguing/indexing experience
  • good understanding of European Jewish history
  • strong attention to detail capacity to work 100 to 150 hours/month for 3 months between July and November 2021
  • experience with working online content management systems

This is a freelance position available to self-employed individuals responsible for their own taxes and employment status. A fee of £25/hour will be payable on regular submission of invoices. The editor does not have to be a resident of the UK.

How to apply
Please submit your CV and cover letter summarizing your interest in the role and experience relevant to the position. The application should be sent to no later than 30 June 2021.