WEBINAR: JDC Archives invites you to a webinar: Frankee Lyons “The JDC in Post-Stalinist Poland, 1957-1960s"

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Thursday May 27, 2021

12pm-1:30 pm (EDT)

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Drawing from JDC archival materials, Frankee Lyons will examine JDC operations in Poland from 1957 to the early 1960s. In December 1949, at the height of Stalinism, JDC was expelled from Poland. As a result of post-Stalinist liberalization, the JDC was invited to return in 1957 to aid Jewish repatriates from the Soviet Union. Then, during the “Gomułka period” when many young Polish Jews were expelled, JDC assisted with their emigration from Poland to Israel. This lecture will discuss the role of JDC in Poland in this period, with special emphasis on JDC’s relationship with the Polish state as well as the connections between the JDC and local Polish Jewish leadership.

Frankee Lyons is a PhD candidate in Modern Eastern European History at the University of Illinois at Chicago. During the 2019-20 academic year she was a visiting researcher in Warsaw, Poland at the Institute of Political Studies at the Polish Academy of Sciences. Her research has been funded by Fulbright and Title VIII fellowships. Lyons is a recipient of the 2020-21 Nathan & Sarah Chesin/ JDC Archives Fellowship. Her research in the JDC Archives focuses on the Joint’s operations in Poland during the time of migration and political change from 1957 through the mid-1960s preceding the March 1968 antisemitic campaign.



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