SEMINAR: Olomouc-Jerusalem Week 2021

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Olomouc-Jerusalem Week 2021

The Kurt and Ursula Schubert Center for Jewish Studies at Palacký University Olomouc and the Mandel Institute of Jewish Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel, announce a joint on-line seminar to take place during the summersemester and invite interested students and faculty members to reserve the dates in their calendars: 24-27 May 2021 at 5 PM (CET), 6 PM (Jerusalem), Zoom.


24 May, Eli Lederhendler:"New trends in the study of interwar Jewish nationalism, a comparative perspective" -respondent Marie Crhová

25 May, Tamás Visi:"From Alexandria to Baghdad once again: Christian sources for philosophical and scientific biblical exegesis among Jews in the 10th century" -respondent Reimund Leicht

26 May, Reimund Leicht:"The beginnings of Jewish philosophy -Between Baghdad and Kairouan" respondent Tamás Visi

27 May, Benjamin Brown:"Research controversies surrounding the historical image of the Baal Shem Tov as the founder of Hasidism" -respondent Tamás Visi

28 Mayindividual consultations on demand

To participate in the course, please register by email to ivana.cahova@upol.czuntil May 17 2021. Enter your full name under which you will be admitted after logging in to the Zoom Room.