The Research Institute of Contemporary Jewry’s Three Years Scholarships for Outstanding Doctoral Students (2021/22)

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We are pleased to announce the scholarship program of the Research Institute of Contemporary Jewry for outstanding doctoral students of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem for the 2021/22 academic year. The aim of the three years scholarships is to enable outstanding doctoral students to devote most of their time and energy to research and study.

The Research Institute of Contemporary Jewry will grant three-year scholarships in the following fields:

  1. A scholarship for research on the Holocaust and genocide (for researchers from Humanitites [including Education], Social Sciences, Law, or Social Work).
  2. A scholarship for research on Contemporary Jewry dealing with one of the following topics (for researchers from Humanities [including Education], Social Sciences, Law, or Social Work): Zionism, the State of Israel and Israeli society; research on Diaspora Jewry in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries; creative cultural and religious activity in the Jewish world in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries; demography of the Jews.

The Scholarship

Application is open to students (in institutions of higher learning anywhere) who will be registered as doctoral candidates at the Hebrew University in 2021/22. Those eligible  to submit are: MA research students in the final year of their MA programs, students holding a research-track MA degree, and students in the first stages of the doctoral program (including students who have already submitted dissertation proposals, up to two years from registering for the degree).

Eligibility for the grant requires registration as a doctoral candidate with HUJI's Authority for Research Students by 1 August 2021. MA students who wish to be considered for an Institute  scholarship must apply to the Authority by that date for the 2021/22 academic year and their registration will be conditional upon submission of all their requirements for their degrees by September 30, 2021. Scholarships granted to students whose degrees (including final evaluation of their final papers) are not complete by December 31, 2021 will be rescinded.

Students are eligible for a grant for a maximum of three years. The grant totals 16,000 USD per annum. Additionally, recipients are exempt from tuition. The scholarship will be paid beginning in October of each year, in monthly installments, throughout the three years or until the doctoral dissertation is approved (the earlier of the two).

Last date to submit applications: June 6, 2021

For more details and registration: