CFP: Panel "Jewish Economic Activity and Modern Urban Development"

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Call for Papers
May 1, 2021
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Business History / Studies, European History / Studies, Jewish History / Studies, Social History / Studies, Urban History / Studies

CfP for Panel on "Jewish Economic Activity and Modern Urban Development", for ESSSCH 2022.

We are seeking panelist(s) for participation in the 14th European Social Science History Conference, 20-23 April 2022, at the University of Gothenburg, Gothenburg, Sweden.

The panel "Jewish Economic Activity and Modern Urban Development" seeks to explore the interrelationship between Jewish economic activity and the development of modern capital cities in Europe. We are interested in Jewish involvment in the conceptualization and the physical construction of the modern capital. What role did European Jewry have in planning, financing and promoting the construction of buildings linked to the Nation-state, such as civic and cultural institutions, and spatial arenas linked to the bourgeois life style and collective memory? How did Jews contribute to shaping the national façade of capital cities in modern Europe?

In addition to empirical research  on Jewish participation in creating urban representations linked to national narratives, we are particularly interested in how Jewish individuals motivated their participation. As Yi-Fu Tuan argues, buildings function as public extensions of an indivdual's or group's ideals, dreams and hopes. What did European Jews hope to express by attaching their time and money to these buildings and urban spaces? To what degree was Jewish participation linked to the emerging National identities, bourgeois identifications and senses of Jewishness in modern European societies? What reactions was the Jewish participation met by, in contemporary anti-Semitic environments for example.

We welcome panelists with papers that explore these questions from the perspectives of network analysis; business history; elite philanthropy; gender; anti-Semitism; or architecture and urban topography/urban icons.

Please send an abstact of 250 words and a short biography to Mia Kuritzén Löwengart,, no later than May 1, 2021.

Full conference fee is € 250, one day attendance € 125, Student fee € 110. For more information about the ESSHC and the 2022 conference, see:


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Dr. Mia Kuritzén Löwengart, Department of History, Uppsala University:, or

Dr. Maja Hultman, Center for European Research, University of Gothenburg:



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