CFP: 7th Annual ucLADINO Judeo-Spanish Symposium - March 14-15, 2018 - UCLA

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7th Annual ucLADINO Judeo-Spanish Symposium

New Directions, Old Roots
March 14-15, 2018

University of California, Los Angeles - Royce Hall 314

Keynote Speakers:

Prof. David M. Bunis, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Prof. Adriana Brodsky, St. Mary’s College of Maryland

Deadline: December 31, 2017


Now in its seventh consecutive year, the ucLADINO annual symposium is the country’s
foremost space for students, scholars, and community members to connect and share original
research from a variety of linguistic, literary, cultural, sociological, anthropological, and
historical fields related to Judeo-Spanish and Sephardic Jewry.

This year the symposium will engage with the various types of “new directions” that the study of
Judeo-Spanish has taken, as well as explore the new pathways the language and culture have
taken over their varied history. As for “old roots,” the symposium will also feature discussion on
the formative, little known, or under-analyzed historical and linguistic features of Judeo-Spanish.
By juxtaposing new directions with “old roots,” the symposium aims to hone in on the creative
tension that has resulted in the dialogue between the old and the new that characterizes much of
the history and study of Judeo-Spanish. This theme also hopes to encourage presentations on
topics and themes previously marginal in Judeo-Spanish and Sephardic studies.

Possible topics include, but are not limited to:
§ New theoretical and interdisciplinary approaches to the study of Judeo-Spanish
§ Judeo-Spanish and women, sexuality, and gender
§ Judeo-Spanish and children, the elderly, and families
§ Education and pedagogy
§ Judeo-Spanish and Iberian, Jewish, Semitic, Romance, Turkic, and Slavic languages
§ Origins and future of Judeo-Spanish
§ Connections between the academy and the community

Please feel free to examine topics pertaining to any time period, region, or academic discipline.
Submissions by students (graduate or advanced undergraduate) and junior faculty are highly

Abstract Submission Guidelines

§ 250-300 words, in addition to selected references
§ Must be submitted through EasyAbstracts:
§ Deadline for receipt of abstracts: December 31, 2017
§ Notification of acceptance will begin: January 9, 2018

Please contact ucLADINO director Max Modiano Daniel at with any questions,
and visit our website for additional information about our past events: