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Volume 54, Issue 1



Jonathan Magonet


The Synagogue and the Legacies of the Holocaust: The German Refugee Rabbis and Cantors


Cornelia Wilhelm


German Refugee Rabbis in the United States and the Formation of ‘the Last Generation of the German Rabbinate’

Cornelia Wilhelm


‘We Were Refugees and Carried a Special Burden’: Emotions, Brazilian Politics and the German Jewish Émigré Circle in São Paulo, 1933–1957

Björn Siegel


Starting Anew: German Rabbis and Their Experiences in Britain 1939–1956

Astrid Zajdband


‘Fate Leads the Willing, and Drags the Unwilling’: Eric Werner, Wissenschaft des Judenthums, and the Postwar Reconstruction of Jewish Music Study

Judah M. Cohen


Texts in Dialogue

Texts in Dialogue: Introduction


Jesus Ben Sira 24: On Wisdom, Who Has Found an Earthly Dwelling Place

Veronika Bachmann


Streams to the Ocean of Wisdom: Reflections on Ben Sira 24

Mark L. Solomon


From the Tradition

The Voice in Women: Subjected and Rejected

Barbara Borts


What Can Rabbinic Depictions of Ruth’s Conversion Teach Us about the Importance of Belief in Judaism?

Maciej ‘Mati’ Kirschenbaum


Contemporary Thought

Isaiah Berlin and the Animal Instinct

Paul Delany


In Memoriam

Dr Eric L. Friedland z’l (20 January 1940–16 January 2020)

Andrew Goldstein


Rabbi Neil Kraft z’l (13 September 1950–27 March 2020)

Daniel Smith


Rabbi Andre Ungar z’l (21 July 1929–5 May 2020)

Jonathan Magonet


Book Reviews

Ursula Rudnick, Marc Saperstein, and Jonathan Magonet


Books Received but Not Reviewed


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