ToC: New open access journal! Metatron vol. 1, Issue 1: Ancient Hebrew Literature Beyond the Bible, Part I

Eva Mroczek Discussion

Dear Colleagues,

We are proud to announce the first issue of Metatrona new, open access journal of modern philology and the ancient imagination offering new vistas on the cultures of the ancient Mediterranean and Near East. Named after the mediating angel of Jewish mysticism, it is designed to open cutting-edge research to a broad intellectual community.  Metatron is a joint venture of Renewed Philology at Yale University and the BRANE Collective.

Introducing Metatron vol. 1, Issue 1: Ancient Hebrew Literature Beyond the Bible, Part I:

There was no “Bible” as such even by the end of the Second Temple period. How do scholars organize this corpus in the absence of the category? Edited by James Nati and Seth Sanders, with their editorial introduction, featuring articles by Molly ZahnElena DuganNathan Mastnjak, and Eva Mroczek.

Metatron has new issues in the works and welcomes submissions. The journal maintains rigorous standards of peer review and will try to keep decision turnaround of submissions to an upper limit of 3 months. 

Thank you for reading, supporting, and creating open access scholarship!  

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