New Volumes of Kabbalah Journal - Table of Contents

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Cherub Press is proud to announce the publication of TWO NEW VOLUMES OF THE JOURNAL “KABBALAH”

KABBALAH 47 (2021) Table of Contents

Studies in English

Daniel Abrams: Three Kabbalistic Secrets Circumcision, Impurity and the Foreskin — Edition, Translation, Commentary

Nathan Wolski: Melancholy and Mysticism - Three Early Yiddish Essays by Hillel Zeitlin

Jonatan Meir: Hagiography in Context: Shivhei haBesht and the Formation of the Hasidic Movement

Jeffrey G. Amshalem: The Image(s) of Israel Baal Shem Tov in Koretser and Bershider Literature: A Reception History of the Besht

Studies in Hebrew

Yossi Schweig, Introduction to the History of Kabbalah: Unknown Lectures by Isaiah Tishby

Riccardo Sh. Di Segni: New Documents on the Death of Rabbi Raphael Immanuel Hai Ricchi according to Ms. Rome, Collegio Rabbinico Italiano 123


KABBALAH 48 (2021) Table of Contents

Studies in English

Daniel Abrams: The Beginning that Arose in the Middle – On the Late Emergence of the Title Passage of The Book of the Zohar

Nathan Wolski: The Revealed within the Concealed - The Yiddish Preface to the Yiddish Zohar (Nakhles Tsvi, 1711)

Jonnie Schnytzer: The Primordial Union of the First & Tenth Sefirot

Eliezer Papo: Ottoman Bosnia as a Case Study of the Sephardic: Tradition of Reading Zohar as Musar

Israel Koren: 'Clarifications of Truth' in Mordechai Joseph of Izbica's Mei ha-Shiloah

Studies in Hebrew

Tzvi Luboshitz: Prolegomena to Mishnat Hasidim

Daniel Reiser: Book Review: Philip Wexler, Eli Rubin and Michael Wexler, Social Vision, The Lubavitcher Rebbe's Transformative Paradigm for The World (New York: The Crossroad Publishing Company, 2019)