Announcing “Inversions and Subversions: Leone de’ Sommi’s Purim Comedy of Betrothal” (Internet Resource)

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In honor of the Purim holiday, I wanted to share with the H-Judaic community my harzagah or academic performance, “Inversions and Subversions: Leone de’ Sommi’s Purim Comedy of Betrothal,” which can be viewed online at


“Inversions and Subversions” explores and brings to life the oldest known Hebrew-language play, Leone de’ Sommi's Tzahut bedihuta de-kiddushin, composed in sixteenth-century Italy as entertainment for Purim. At once scholarly and lighthearted, this program focuses especially on the drama’s proto-feminism, Near Eastern setting, and use of biblical and rabbinic texts. “Inversions and Subversions” has been generously supported by Beth El Congregation Phoenix and the East Valley JCC (Chandler, AZ), and combines dramatic readings, academic commentary, and musical selections. Please note that the first 18 minutes are mostly background; thereafter the focus is on the play itself.


Dr. Daniel Stein Kokin