Morgenthau Holocaust Collections Project new YouTube Series & Interview about Oswego Emergency Refugee Shelter (FDR Presidential Library and Museum)

Abby Gondek's picture

The FDR Presidential Library and Museum has recently launched a new YouTube series with updates on the Morgenthau Holocaust Collections Project, a digital history and path-finding initiative to raise awareness of the FDR Library’s unique but under-explored resources for Holocaust Studies. 

In this YouTube series, the current Morgenthau Scholar-in-Residence, Abby Gondek, explains how to use the FDR Library's online collections, including the Henry Morgenthau Jr. Diaries and Records of the War Refugee Board, via FRANKLIN, the Library's online research portal.

In commemoration of International Holocaust Remembrance Day and the liberation of Auschwitz, FDR Library Supervisory Archivist Kirsten Carter interviewed Abby about the patterns in the over 3,000 letters from the public in response to the creation of the Emergency Refugee Shelter in Oswego, NY in 1944 (available online via the Records of the War Refugee Board). The Morgenthau Scholar uses digital humanities tools to visualize trends in these letters, including chronology, geography, gender and explicit mention of Jews. 

Another aspect of the Morgenthau Project is to utilize the Morgenthau Diaries to explore Henrietta Klotz's influence on Henry Morgenthau Jr.'s stance regarding refugee rescue efforts (Klotz was Morgenthau’s secretary for 37 years). The new YouTube series introduces online exhibits about the campaign to evacuate Jewish refugee children from France into Spain and Portugal and the conflicts between two Jewish organizations (the World Jewish Congress and the Joint Distribution Committee) about where these children should be sent (Palestine or elsewhere).

For more information about the Morgenthau Holocaust Collections Project, you can contact the Morgenthau Scholar-in-Residence, Abby Gondek, at