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January 25, 2021
United States
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Classical Studies, Medieval and Byzantine History / Studies, Middle East History / Studies, Maritime History / Studies, Jewish History / Studies

On “Let’s Talk Mediterranean,” Mediterranean Seminar co-Directors Brian Catlos and Sharon Kinoshita converse with Article of the Month authors and book prize winners on topics Mediterranean. Listen to it on YouTube.

1) An interview with Karen Rose Mathews (Article of the Month, October 2020) - [Recorded on 12 November 2020] (45:26)

2) An interview with Martin Devecka (Article of the Month, December 2020) - [Recorded on 17 December 2020] (44:10)

3) An interview with Claudio Fogu (New Book: The Fishing Net and the Spider Web) - [Recorded on 8 January 2021] (39:59)

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The Mediterranean Seminar

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