ToC: Shofar: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Jewish Studies 38.3

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Purdue University Press is pleased to announce that the latest issue of Shofar: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Jewish Studies is now online. Volume 38, no. 3, contains two special clusters: one on Jews and the Diamond Trade, guest-edited by Saskia Coenen Snyder, and one on Tiberian Hasidism, guest-edited by Aubrey L. Glazer, Ariel Evan Mayse, and Nehemia Polen. 

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Table of Contents


  • Introduction to Special Cluster: Jews and the Diamond Trade
    • Saskia Coenen Snyder
  • Unpaid Diamonds: Trust, Reputation, and the Merchants' Style in Eighteenth-Century Europe
    • Tijl Vanneste
  • The Impact of the Diamond Industry and the Diamond Workers' Union on Jewish Life in Amsterdam, 1894–1920
    • Karin Hofmeester
  • "The Bastard is Rendered Kosher": Diamonds, War, and the Legitimization of Private Capital in British-Ruled Palestine
    • David De Vries

  • Introduction to Special Cluster: Tiberian Hasidism
    • Aubrey L. Glazer, Ariel Evan Mayse, Nehemia Polen
  • Moving Mezritsh: The Legacy of the Maggid and the Hasidic Community in the Land of Israel
    • Ariel Evan Mayse
  • Doctrine of the Distant Tzaddik: Mysticism, Ethics, and Politics
    • Tsippi Kauffman
  • Theology, Succession, and Social Structure in the Dispute between Rabbi Avraham Kalisker and Rabbi Shneur Zalman
    • Nehemia Polen, David Maayan
  • Questions of Love and Truth: New Perspectives on the Controversy between R. Avraham of Kalisk and R. Shneur Zalman of Liady
    • Eli Rubin
  • From Tiberias, with Love: Hermeneutics of Imbrication in Letters of Love
    • Aubrey L. Glazer


Creative Work:

  • Selected Poems from Chaim Grade's Refugees
    • Beata Kasiarz


Book Reviews:

  • Eastern European Jewish American Narratives, 1890–1930: Struggles for Recognition by Dana Mihăilescu (review)
    • Ewa Stańczyk
  • Family Papers: A Sephardic Journey Through the Twentieth Century by Sarah Abrevaya Stein (review)
    • Yücel Güçlü
  • Heidegger and Kabbalah: Hidden Gnosis and the Path of Poiēsis by Elliot R. Wolfson (review)
    • Bruce Rosenstock
  • Holocaust Graphic Narratives: Generation, Trauma, and Memory by Victoria Aarons (review)
    • Alan L. Berger