TOC: Jews, Liberalism, Antisemitism: A Global History, A. Green - S. Levis Sullam eds. (Palgrave 2020)

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Jews, Liberalism, Antisemitism: A Global History

Abigail Green and Simon Levis Sullam (editors)

“Palgrave Critical Studies in Antisemitism and Racism” (series editor: David Feldman)

Palgrave Macmillan 2020


Table of Contents


Introduction. Jews, Liberalism, Antisemitism: Towards a 21st Century History                       

Abigail Green and Simon Levis Sullam


Part 1: The Limits of Liberalism


1. Liberalism and Antisemitism: A Reassessment from the Peripheries              

Lisa M. Leff

2. Osman Bey’s The Conquest of the World by Jews (1873): a Liberal Antisemitism?

Simon Levis Sullam

3. Jews and Other Others                                                                                       

Ari Joskowicz


Part 2: Living Liberalism


4. The Material of Race: Caribbean Jews, Clothing, and Manhood in the Age of Emancipation and Liberal Revolution                                                                     

Laura Leibman

5. Liberalism, Antisemitism and Everyday Life in Vienna: The Tragic Case of Heinrich Jaques (1831-1894)                                                                                        

Jonathan Kwan

6. Giving and Dying in Liberal Italy: Jewish Men and Women in Italian Culture Wars              

Luisa Levi D’Ancona


Part 3: Rethinking East-West


7. Unsettling the “Jewish Question” from the Margins of Europe: Spanish Liberalism and Sepharad                                                                                                            

Michal Rose Friedman

8. A Model Millet? Ottoman Jewish Citizenship at the End of Empire                             

Julia Phillips Cohen

9. From East to West: America as the Liberal Melting Pot of Jewish Politics                

M. M. Silver


Part 4: Liberalism, Empire, Zionism


10. Who Introduced Liberalism into the Damascus Affair (1840)? Center, Periphery, and Networks in the Jewish Response to the Blood Libel                                        

Yaron Tsur

11. A Jewish “Liberal” in Istanbul: Vladimir Jabotinsky, the Young Turks, and the Zionist Press Network, 1908-1911                                                                                

Ozan Ozavci

12. Jews, Imperial Liberalism, and the Predicament of “Small Nations”: Lewis B. Namier’s Gentry Nationalism                                                                                        

Arie M. Dubnov


Part 5: Making, Unmaking, and Remaking Liberalism


13. 1848 and Beyond: Jews in the National and International Politics of Secularism and Revolution                                                                                                           

Abigail Green

14. “A Certain Type of Liberalism”: Jewish Minority Rights in Eastern Europe and Beyond

James Loeffler

15. The Jewishness of Cold War Liberalism                                                                     

Malachi Haim Hacohen



Samuel Moyn



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