Zoom Conference Series - Psalmody through the Ages: Music and the Book of Psalms

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“Psalmody through the Ages: Music and the Book of Psalms” 
Events will be held on November 1, 8, 15, and 22 via Zoom from 12pm to 1:30 PM, EST. To receive the conference Zoom link, please register at JewishMusicForum.org . All Jewish Music Forum programs are FREE and open to the public. 
The book of Psalms echoes from the ancient Jerusalem Temple to the modern concert hall, and its role as an inspiration for musical works is unquestionable. In this digital conference, we bring together scholars from across disciplines and ask the question: How are we to understand the relationship between the book of Psalms and the music it inspires?

November 1: Psalms in/as Performance

Boaz Tarsi- "On the Musical Performance of Psalms and its Implications for Identifying Psalms as a Liturgical Category in the Ashkenazi Synagogue"



Cari Friesen- "Connections and Contextualizations: Psalms in Samogohiri"



Respondent: Christine Dang



Chair: AJ Berkovitz



November 8: Negotiating Psalmscapes

Sarah Grabiner- "Hashamayim M'sap'rim K'vod Eil:" The Music of the Heavenly Spheres as Described in Psalm 19



Steven J. Cahn- The Psalm Settings of Salomon Jadassohn for Leipzig: A Study in Harmonic Practice



Respondent: Samantha Zerin



Chair: Samantha Cooper



November 15: Psalms and Social Experience

Raz Reuel Taylor- Communal Grief in the Anthems of William Billings



Isaac Treuherz- A Comparison of the Effects of Notational Systems on the Respective Psalm Chants of Sephardi Jewish Communities



Respondent: Neely Bruce


Chair: Rachel Adelstein



November 22: Keynote

Yael Sela- Singing a Song of Zion: On Psalms as a Currency of Exile, Redemption, and Jewish National Consciousness

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