CFP: American Jewry in Israel: Challenges, Images, and Influence

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Call for Papers

American Jewry in Israel: Challenges, Images, and Influence

Editors: Adi Sherzer, Ofer Shiff

Assistant Editor: Orna Miller

Editorial Board: Avi Bareli, Avner Ben-Amos, Danny Gutwein, Amir Goldstein, Menachem Hofnung, Nissim Leon, Svetlana Natkovich, Shalom Ratzabi


The editorial board of the Iyunim journal is launching a new thematic volume dedicated to the influence, position, and image of American Jewry in Israel, from the yishuv period to present day.

The premise of the volume is that following World War II, the Jewish world assumed the form of two major centers: in the State of Israel and North America. These two centers not only contained a critical mass of Jews, but also offered (and continue to offer) two modern alternatives for Jewish existence. Generally, studies address each of the centers separately and often overlook their common ideological roots, ongoing contact throughout the years, and the mutual exchange of ideas and immigration between the two. Even when the influence of these communities on one another is discussed, it is usually Israel’s influence on American Jewry that takes focus, and not the contrary. The proposed thematic volume seeks to address this issue and draw scholarly attention to the mutuality of the Israel-American Jewry relationship, by focusing on Jewish-American figures, movements, and outlooks that have made a mark on the Israeli past and present.      

The volume will be multidisciplinary, and can include studies from a variety of academic disciplines (history, political science, sociology, anthropology, literature, philosophy, education, and more).

The articles in the volume will examine issues pertaining to the position and influence of American Jewry in Israel from various perspectives, such as thought and philosophy, theology and religious praxis, demography and aliyah, economics and philanthropy, society and family, feminism and gender, memory and commemoration, culture and literature, politics, education, law, security, and more.  


Among others, the volume seeks to discuss the following issues:

  • The influence of American Jews on Israeli society, politics, and institutions.
  • The place of political, religious, and cultural stances associated with American Jews in Israeli discourse.
  • The influence and position of American Jews in Israel’s foreign relations network.
  • The place of American Jews in Israeli economy.
  • The influence of American Jewish philanthropy on the various sectors of Israeli society.
  • The influence of American Jews on religious, social, and political relations in Israel.
  • The influence and position of American Jews in Israel’s legal and judicial system.
  • North American immigration to Israel in the past and present.
  • The influence of Jewish-American thinkers on Israeli academia and thought.
  • The influence of American Jewry on the shaping and definition of Jewish identity in Israel.
  • The place of American Jews in the Israeli education system and Israeli curricula.
  • Relations between the State of Israel and American Jews in the context of globalization and Americanization processes.
  • American Jews and ethnic discourse in Israel.
  • American Jews and Arab citizens of Israel.
  • Discussions on “America in Israel” in broad comparative contexts.


Article proposals should be 500-1000 words and sent in DOC format no later than Dec. 20, 2020 to:

Deadline for final submissions is May 2, 2021. All submissions will undergo an anonymous double-blind peer review. Final articles, including abstract, references, and footnotes, should not exceed 10,000 words.

Article and abstract submissions should follow Iyunim guidelines (link).

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