ANN: Invitation to the virtual screening of IRMI, Wednesday, October 28, 2020 7:00pm-8:30 pm (EDT)

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The JDC Archives and JDC Ambassadors invite you to the online screening of IRMI, recipient of the 2020 JDC Archives Documentary Film Grant winner


Wednesday, October 28, 2020

7:00pm-8:30 pm (EDT)




Join JDC Archives and JDC Ambassadors for the film screening of IRMI, the recipient of the 2020 JDC Archives Documentary Film Grant winner.


In 1906, Irmi Selver was born into an affluent Jewish family in Chemnitz, Germany, where she grew up, married and began her own family.  Nothing prepared her for the upheavals and tragedy that were in store for her, or for the many times she would have to start her life over on unfamiliar ground.   


IRMI is a deeply personal film made by a daughter who is inspired by her mother’s story and her spirit.  It explores the way in which unexpected events and chance encounters can both shape a life and reveal its true nature. Using  Irmi’s own memoir—beautifully read by the actress, Hanna  Schygulla and with a richly emotional score by composer, Todd  Boekelheide, IRMI takes us on her unique journey. It is a portrait of a woman. whose strength, resilience and perhaps most stunningly, whose joie de vivre could not be snuffed out even in the face of unimaginable loss.    


The screening will be followed by a Q&A with filmmakers Veronica Selver and Susan Fanshel.  

Veronica  Selveris a filmmaker who has specialized in social issue documentaries. Her own films include KPFA On the Air, Raising the Roof, and Cape Song. Films she co-directed and co-edited include You Got to Move, First Look, and Columbia duPont Excellence in Broadcast Journalism winner Word is Out. Selected editing credits include the award-winning films On Company Business, Harry Bridges: A Man and His Union, Absolutely Positive, Coming Out under Fire and Academy Award nominated Berkeley in the Sixties.  


Susan Fanshel is an independent documentary filmmaker and editor whose films include: A Weave of Time, The Story of a Navajo Family; Nevelson in Process; Voulkos and Company; Made in the Bronx; Six American Families: The Kennedy’s of New Mexico; and The Odyssey Tapes. The films she has edited have received the highest honors in broadcast journalism including: The George Foster Peabody Award, The Alfred Du Pont-Columbia Award; The Emmy Award; The John O’Conner Film Award, and The Banff World Television Award.  


The event is co-sponsored by JDC Ambassadors.