Research query: partnership minyan documents

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I am working on an article about the early history of what are now called partnership minyanim or Shira Hadasha-style minyanim.  I am looking for relevant primary documents or lecture recordings from c. 1990-2007, in English or Hebrew.  I’m especially looking for source sheets that were used in private or public shiurim addressing the halakhic questions of women participating in public prayer, especially women serving as shaliach tzibbur, opening the ark, and other things other than getting aliyot.  I’m also looking for audio recordings from the 2002 JOFA conference.  If you have any such items in your possession or know where I could find them, I would be grateful to hear about it.

Thank you for any leads!


Ellie Ash

Ph.D. Candidate, Graduate Division of Religious Studies, Boston University


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