Research query: Circumcision and non-observant Jews

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Colleagues: I am looking for an article or book chapter suitable for a first-year university course that addresses why many, probably most, non-observant Jews today have their male children circumcised. What are the motives and rationales for circumcision among Jews whose lives are not generally bound by halakhic norms?


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If I may, I would recommend:
Leonard B. Glick, Marked in your Flesh: Circumcision from Ancient Judea to Modern America, Oxford University Press, 2005:
Chapter 8: "Unanswerable Questions, Questionable Answers: Justifying Ritual Circumcision, pp. 215-239; As well as Chapter 9: "Deep Feelings of Nervousness": Circumnavigating the Taboo Topic, pp. 241-271.

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