CFA: Doctoral scholarship "The Library of the Polish Haskalah" (University of Wrocław)

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The Taube Department of Jewish Studies, University of Wrocław, offers the doctoral scholarship on the topic of the library of the Polish Haskalah.


TOPIC: The topic of the doctoral dissertation is to cope with the library of the Polish Haskalah, broadly defined. The intended dissertation is to conduct the quantitative analysis of the writings of the Polish maskilim, preferably both the GIS spatial analysis and social network analysis as well as, possibly, elements of text mining or any sort of “distant reading” analytical practices. The successful dissertation should combine this quantitative approach with qualitative analysis. In addition it is expected the winning candidate will be able to combine this quantitative and qualitative analysis of the library of the Polish Haskalah with some comparative perspective on the Polish Enlightenment.

COMPETENCIES: It is expected the doctoral student will have a working command of Hebrew and Polish (and English, of course) in addition to the good knowledge of the Polish and Jewish history, East European Jewish history in modern times, as well as some knowledge on the Polish and Jewish (esp. Hebrew) literary traditions. In addition, it is expected the student will possess at least basic knowledge about quantitative tools of analysis, spatial analysis, social network analysis and their tools. A writing sample proving the candidate competencies in writing scholarly texts will be requested.

DUTIES: Besides writing his/her doctoral dissertation (in Polish or English) and attending classes assigned to the PhD program of the School of Letters, University of Wroclaw, the successful candidate will participate in gathering and processing quantitative data within the research project Two Enlightenments: Poles, Jews, and Their Roads to Modernity under supervision of the grant’s PI Marcin Wodziński.

STIPEND: The successful candidate will receive a monthly stipend of 4,500 PLN gross for the duration of four years, starting in October 2020.

Deadline for applications is 4 September 2020. Recruitment site:

For further information contact: