Research Query: "Tsel" and "Tselem" in the Zohar

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I have been told that the Zohar derives the word "tselem" (image) from "tsel" (shadow).  The reference I have been given seems not to support this view.  Can anyone provide a reference to a passage of the Zohar where this view is stated?

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Jacob Adler
University of Arkansas
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For the question of Prof. Jacob Adler,: where does the Zohar derives the word "tselem" (image) from "tsel" (shadow) –

Please see Zohar vol. 3, pp. 43a-b.
And see: Tishbi, Mishnat haZohar vol. 2, p. 95-97; G. Scholem, Pirkei Yesod, chap. 10; Moshe Halamish, Mavo laKabalah, pp. 218-221.

Hag Sameach,
Admiel Kosman
Potsdam University