TOC: TRADITION (Winter 2020)

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We are pleased to share the Table of Contents of the newest issue of TRADITION: A Journal of Orthodox Jewish Thought, Vol. 52 No. 4 (Winter 2020), available online to subscribers at

Joshua Berman / But Is it “History”? The Historical Accuracy of Tanakh [OPEN ACCESS]

Jonathan Ziring / The Midnight Song: Nocturnal Torah Study in Solitude

Matt Lubin / Maimonides’ Afterlife and the Ignorant Heretic

Moshe Pinchuk / Charitable Fund Advertising as a Value Index

Shmuel Reichman / Can Google Engineers Play God?: A Jewish Perspective on the Trolley Problem

J. David Bleich / Survey of Recent Halakhic Literature - Validity of DNA Evidence for Halakhic Purposes (Part 2): Agunah

Chanan Morrison / From the Pages of Tradition: Rav Kook’s Orot HaTorah

Natan Oliff  / Sources & Resources: Halakha as Process: Hazal’s Approach to Fasting in Masekhet Ta’anit

Book Review: Sarah Schenirer and the Bais Yaakov Movement by Naomi Seidman / Reviewed by Jackie Rosensweig [OPEN ACCESS]

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