Query: word processing in Hebrew and English on a Mac

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I'm looking for a word processor for a Mac (MacPro 10.12.6) that will deal seamlessly with documents containing both Hebrew and English. (Up until now, I've been using Word 2011 for Mac, which completely messes up Hebrew directionality and punctuation.) I have been having trouble finding a program that will import, and allow editing to, an already-created Word document containing both Hebrew and English.
After several conversations with Davka, I've learned that its program will lose formatting when a Word document containing Hebrew is imported. I've tried to contact Mellel but have gotten no response. Suggestions?
Many thanks,
Marcia Falk
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The latest version of Word for MacOS (as well as the version for iOS!) is fully compatible with Hebrew.

Office 365, latest edition, is well adjusted to Hebrew and English, and both in the same text. It also allows to import text, although that might involve in change of format. The changes are not dramatic, and can be adjusted.

I have found Google Docs to be the most reliable option.
Pages is good too, but it gets glitchy when sending it to non-Pages users.

Try Mellel. I use for already many years, on my MacBook, various configurations. For me it works very well.

M. Mayzel.

It might help first to "save as" your Word file in rtf format (not doc) then to import it from another application. Try Nisus Writer, which handles Eng/Heb extremely well. I've been using it since 1993.

Hi, Marcia:
Mellel is probably the best app for Hebrew, especially if you need complex diacritical marks etc. But it has a quirky, non-standard interface that is difficult to learn or get used to.
I have been very happy with the Hebrew (and other exotic language) capabilities of LibreOffice [or its cognates OpenOffice.org or NeoOffice], the free office suite that also has Windows and Linux versions. It actually offers better compatibility with older Word formats than Word itself.

I've been using Nisus for 25 years and it has served me very well. Mellel is also very good.