TOC: Melilah: Manchester Journal of Jewish Studies Volume 13 (2019)

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Volume 13 (2019). Theme: Gender in Jewish Studies


Open Access, freely available online.


Editors: Katja Stuerzenhofecker and Renate Smithuis




0. Katja Stuerzenhofecker, Introduction.

1. Judith R. Baskin and Katja Stuerzenhofecker, The Joy of Wisdom. An Interview with Judith R. Baskin.

2. Ruth Gilbert, Jewish Gender Studies and Contemporary Literary Criticism.

2b. Tamar S. Drukker, Response to Ruth Gilbert and Discussion Points.

3. Melissa Raphael, The Impact of Gender on Jewish Religious Thought. Exemplar: Jewish Feminist Theology.

3b. Lindsey Taylor-Guthartz, Response to Melissa Raphael and Discussion Points.

4. Lisa Fishbayn Joffe, Gender and Jewish Law.

4b. Laliv Clenman, Response to Lisa Fishbayn Joffe and Discussion Points.

5. Naomi Graetz, Reflections on Feminist Jewish Approaches to the Bible and the Making of a Feminist Jew in Israel.

6. Tali Artman Partock, Laughing in the Face of Patriarchy: Genesis Rabbah 17.

7. Cecilia Haendler, Women and Priests in Tractate Hallah. Gender Readings in Rabbinic Literature.

8. Etka Liebowitz, Women in Antiquity: From Marginalization to Prominence.

9. Efraim Sicher, Jewish “Bad Girls”: Transgressive Narratives and Rebellious Daughters in Contemporary British Jewish Women's Writing.

10. Einat Ramon, Liquid Love, Trans-Humanism and Eugenics: On Paradoxes in Post-Gender Jewish Feminist Thought.


Centre for Jewish Studies

University of Manchester