G’vanim Call for Articles 2019-2020

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G’vanim Call for Articles 2019-2020

Within the past few years antisemitism has resurfaced as an explicit and growing threat to Jews in America, Europe, and the rest of the world. While the acute force of this hazard has gained significant exposure in the era of digital media, there is a long history of fear, hatred, and persecution of Jews.

For its 2020 volume, G’vanim: The Journal of the Academy for Jewish Religion is seeking submissions that engage with the ways in which Jews and Judaism have been targeted from within and from without in any time period and geographic location (or digital forum). Articles might focus on textual or rhetorical polemics, demographic trends, philosophical responses, or other critical investigations.

Contributions from established scholars, advanced graduate students, and others who employ a rigorous and sophisticated approach are encouraged. To be considered for publication in this volume, abstracts for articles must be received by December 24, 2019. If accepted, complete articles of 1500-5000 words in length will be due March 26, 2020. Authors are invited to submit abstracts of 250-500 words for review to the current editor, Dr. Matthew Goldstone (mgoldstone@ajrsem.org). For submission guidelines and information about the journal, see https://ajrsem.org/teachings/journal/submissions/.

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