Research Query: Rabbi Tevele or Tavli of Medieval or Early Modern Palestine?

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Dear Colleagues,

I am trying to identify a Rabbi Tevele or Tavli (טעבלי), who is mentioned by R. Yitzhak b. Avraham of Neustadt, publisher/editor of Sefer Raziel HaMalakh (Amsterdam: Mosseh b. Avraham Mendes Coutinho, 1701) in his Foreword.  Yitzhak says that the manuscript from which he produced the pubished text was signed by this rabbi, who lived in the Holy Land and, according to Yitzhak, possessed a great reputation.  I assume that this rabbi, from the medieval or early modern period, likely was a student of kabbalah.  My searching so far has turned up no one who fits Yitzhak's description.

Many thanks in advance for any help anyone can offer.

Blessings for a shana tova u-metuka!  May it be a year of epidemic global sanity!

Jonathan Schorsch

Professor, Jewish Religious and Intellectual History
School of Jewish Theology
Universität Potsdam