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Please forgive this unusual query. I am looking for literary works that explore incestuous relationships between Jewish mothers and their sons. I know of Adele Wiseman's novel Crackpot (1974) and Blume Lempel's story "Oedipus in Brooklyn" (published in Yiddish 1981; published in English 2016). I'd be grateful for further references. Please reply offline, if you prefer.

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Dear Ruth,

For another 'Oedipal' work, see Alberto Moravia's (1907-1990) Il dio Kurt that takes place in a Nazi concentration camp (Milano, 1968; repr. in Aline Nari and Franco Vazzoler, eds., Alberto Moravia. Teatro, Milano, 1998, vol. 2). You may wish to read about this play the following articles: Richard Fabrizio, "Moravia's Il dio Kurt: Sophocles and the Oedipus Legend in Italy," Italica, 58, 4 (1981): 251-263; Alvin Goldfarb, "Greek Tragedy and the Nazi Concentration Camps: Charolette Delbo's Qui Rapportera Ces Paroles? and Alberto Moravia's Il dio Kurt," Exchange, 6, 3 (1980): 1-10; Rosanna Lauriola, "Sophocles' Oedipus Rex and Moravia’s Il dio Kurt: Oedipus as βάσανος of a Nazi Experiment and The Ideology of Race," Dioniso, 6 (2016): 153-184. On the theme of incest in Moravia's works, see Sergio Torresani, "Violenza e incesto nel teatro di Alberto Moravia," Vita e Pensiero, 52, 6 (1969): 488-491; Gideon Bachmann, "Why Has Incest Always Been Repressed? A Conversation with Alberto Moravia," Film Quarterly, 39, 3 (1986): 29-32.

On Hebrew being a mother tongue and the metaphor of incest, see Shira Stav, "Incest and Intertext: Bialik, Wallach, Wieseltier" [in Hebrew], 'Iyyunim be-safah ve-hevrah. Israel Studies in Language and Society, 10, 2 (2017): 156-174.


Liran Yadgar

Oklahoma State University, History Department

For the question of Ruth Panofsky, who is looking for literary works that explore incestuous relationships between Jewish mothers and their sons:
For a Talmudic story that deals with such a tension between mother and her son – see my "Gender and Dialogue in the Rabbinic Prism" (Studia Judaica; de Gruyter, 2012), pp. 109-132.

Admiel Kosman
Potsdam University