Query: scores/papers of Cantor Robert H. Segal?

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Cantor Robert H. Segal (1912-87) was one of the soloists on the NBC radio program "The Eternal Light" in the 1940s (and later).

A book by his son Eli Segal, "The Eternal Light: The Unauthorized Guide to the Superb NBC Broadcast Series" (Black Sheep Media Productions, 2005), reproduces several musical scores from the radio program (on pp. 14-17 and an unnumbered page early in the book). The scores are by composers Morris Mamorsky and Henry Brant, both of whom composed for the radio program. The book provides no information about the location or ownership of the scores, so I assume that when the book was published, they were in Eli Segal's hands.

Does anyone know where those scores are now housed? To my knowledge, they are not at JTS, and the collection at the Wisconsin Historical Society has none (only scripts from the radio program). Does anyone know whom I should ask? Eli Segal has died, and I have had no success inquiring of his children.

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A cantor friend suggests perhaps the Milken Archives, now at UCLA?