New Book ToC: To Fix Torah in Their Hearts

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We are pleased to announce the publication of: 

To Fix Torah in Their Hearts: Essays on Biblical Interpretation and Jewish Studies in Honor of B. Barry Levy 

edited by 

Jaqueline S. du Toit, Jason Kalman, Hartley Lachter, and Vanessa R. Sasson (Hebrew Union College Press)

Introduction 1
Jaqueline S. du Toit, Jason Kalman, Hartley Lachter, and Vanessa R. Sasson

Of Sons and Students 9

David, Jonathan, and Daniel Levy

Text, Texture, Context, Pretext: Biography of a Professor, Educator, Mentor, Researcher 11

Deborah Abecassis

Body of Work 15

Diviners in High Places: On Interpreting the Night Skies of the Ancient Near East 23
Andrea D. Lobel

Hate in Early Rabbinic Traditions 59
Joel Gereboff

Naming Names: The Meaning and Significance of Disputes and the Use of Attributions to Named Authorities in Mishnah 85
Jack N. Lightstone

A Cairo Genizah Fragment of Genesis Rabbah from the Collection of McGill University 119
Jason Kalman and the Students of 135–535a: Exegetical Midrash (McGill University, 2000)

Between Narrative and Exegesis: Miyyad in Midrash Genesis Rabbah 145
Shawn Zelig Aster

Stories of Excess: Abraham and Vessantara 171
Vanessa R. Sasson

Taking Stock of the Text(s) of Rashi’s Torah Commentary: Some Twenty- First Century Considerations and the Case for Leipzig 1 199
Yedida Eisenstat

“The Earth is Only for the Strong”: Interpretations of b. Sanhedrin 58b in High Medieval Europe 233
Jesse Abelman

Radak’s Preemptive Exegesis: Concealed and Revealed Polemic in the Book of Kings 257
Bryna Jocheved Levy

The Maharshal and Two Inverted Nuns 287
Sholom Eisenstat

An Anonymous Commentary on the Ten Sefirot: Text and Translation 331
Hartley Lachter

David Zvi Hoffmann versus Julius Wellhausen on the Age of the Day of Atonement 373
Carla Sulzbach

Fixing God’s Torah in Small Caps: Children’s Bibles, Bible Scholarship, and Contemporary Judaism 409
Jaqueline S. du Toit

Out of the Caves and Under Glass: The Politics of Exhibiting the Dead Sea Scrolls 431
Jason Kalman
About the Contributors 483