CFP: AJS Panel on Jewish Studies in the “Global” Middle Ages

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We are looking to form a panel on Jews in the "Global" Middel Ages and looking for another panelist or two.  Please find the panel description below.  We welcome all submissions that consider how medieval Jewish studies might reflect the turn towards the "Global" in broader trends in the field. Please send all abstract submissions to Caroline Gruenbaum at and Ilana Ben-Ezra at by May 1st.


In the past few years, Medieval Studies has attempted to reach wider audiences through an embracing of a “global” Middle Ages, with an emphasis on previously understudied communities. Scholars look beyond the traditional Christian white male writer to find examples of non-Christian, non-white and non-male medieval people. This involves, among other initiatives, access to medieval languages other than Latin, French, German, and English, and examining lesser-known texts for evidence of marginalized groups. As it focuses on a minority community, how does the field of Jewish Studies feature into this new, broad approach to Medieval Studies? What aspects of medieval Jewish life emerge when we examine untapped literary or historical sources? What is the place of medieval Hebrew literature among these recently-expanded generic boundaries? These papers will introduce new methodologies in Medieval Studies by bringing Jewish figures to the forefront of discussions of medieval law, history, and literature.