Conference announcement: Political Jews. Rhetoric and Politicization among Jews in Enlightened and Revolutionary Europe (18th-19th centuries)

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Political Jews.

Rhetoric and Politicization among Jews in Enlightened and Revolutionary Europe (18th-19thcenturies)

Tuesday, 14 May 2019

École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales
54 Boulevard Raspail - 75006 Paris (Salle BS01-28)

This one-day workshop brings together a group of European researchers, including historians, sociologists, philosophers and philologists, around the issue of the political dimension of Jewish emancipation in Europe between the 18th and 19th centuries. It calls for a close look at the rhetorical uses of the Jewish fact as well as at the effects of politicization on the lives of the Jews of France, Italy, Russia, Holland and Germany. How to grasp the impact of the “political” on the world of these actors? The constructions of the Jewish individual and collective, i.e. their transformations during the Enlightenment and the Revolution periods, will be at the heart of the papers presented. Through an interdisciplinary approach, this workshop aims thus at contributing to a more precise definition of this complex and diversified phenomenon on the European scale, involving multiple issues, both internal and external to Jewish societies, such as secularization, involvement in public space, membership, negotiation, blurring of identities and ethos.

Workshop funded by the EAJS

Organization: Davide Mano (CRH-EJ) :






9,00 – Welcomeby Davide MANO (EHESS, Paris)


9,15-10,45 – Session 1: A Jewish Revolutionary? New Perspectives on Moses Dobrushka

Saverio CAMPANINI (Università degli studi di Bologna), Scholem's Dobrushka: The Political Career of a Frankist 

Silvana GRECO (Freie Universität Berlin), What Scholem didn’t (want to) see: Moses Dobrushka as a founder of sociological thought 

Ivan SEGRE (Independent scholar, Paris), Revolution in Judaism: A Philosophical Perspective 


10,45-11,00 - Coffee break


11,00-12,30– Session 2: Jewish Politics or Political Jews? Perseverance, Self-Defense and Intercession

Danny TROM (LIER/CNRS, Paris), Jewish Politics or the Quest of the Least Bad Solution

Davide MANO (EHESS, Paris), Against Calumny: Jewish Self-defense in the Italian States (18thCentury)

François GUESNET (University College London), Constitutio in actu? Jewish Intercession in the Russian Empire around 1800


12,30-14,00 - Lunch


14,00-16,00– Session 3: Jewish Politicization and Republicanism: Assessing the Individual and the Collective

Silvia RICHTER (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin), The Discourse on Jewish Emancipation in Prussia and France in the 18th Century - Similarities and Differences

Tsila RADECKER (Independent scholar, Hilversum), Emancipation, Politicization and Identity. The Rise and Fall of the Naye Kille in Amsterdam (1797-1808)

Nils RENARD (ENTE Budapest/ENS-PSL, Paris), Being a Jewish soldier in the Grande Armée: the Trip through Europe of Jakob Meyer during the Napoleonic wars (1808-1813)

Jean-Marc CHOURAQUI (Université d’Aix-Marseille), The Influence of the Ideology of Emancipation on the Discourse of the French rabbis (19th to Early 20th Century)


16,00 - Conclusive remarks by Davide MANO