CFP: and Award for Outstanding Article: Israel and the Jewish World

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Israelis  is an academic journal published annually by the Ben-Gurion Research Institute for the Study of Israel & Zionism, which serves as a bilingual publishing platform for research on Israel & Zionism. We are happy to announce that starting its 10th volume, the journal will only accept articles by current research students and early-career researchers (up to five years from the submission date of their dissertation).

The 10th volume of Israelis will include a special section on the relationship between Israel and the Jewish World, to be published in partnership with the research hub The Jewish World: Views from Israel at The Center for Israel Studies (CIS). A special committee of key researchers will select one paper that offers a significant contribution, which will award its writer a monetary reward of $1,000.

Articles should address one of the broad aspects of Israel’s relationship with the Jewish world. Suggested topics include:

  • The relationship between Israel and Jewish communities across the world (and vice versa): attitudes, mutual and self-image, discourse and engagement;
  • The relationship between the Jewish World/Diaspora from a historical perspective;
  • Depictions of the relationship between Israel and the Jewish World in literature, art, law, and /or religion;
  • Relations between Israel and the Jewish world in a comparative perspective: Transnationalism, Diasporic Identities and Diaspora-Homeland relations;
  • Tensions between the demand for Aliyah and maintaining good relations with diaspora Jewish communities;
  • The emergence of an Israeli diaspora; The changing Israeli perspective regarding Israeli ex-pats;
  • The presence of Israel in the Jewish World and the presence of the Jewish World in Israel
  • Immigrant/Diaspora communities in Israel: History, attitudes and perspectives, challenges;


Articles may be submitted in Hebrew or English according to the guidelines available on the Israelis website (link) and sent to: Submission deadline is March 3, 2019.

Please Note: The editorial board also accepts submissions on other subjects related to Israel and Zionism.