„Jewish Medicine“: One-day panel at Xth EAJS-Congress, Paris, 24.7.2014

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 „Jewish Medicine“: One-day panel at Xth EAJS-Congress, Paris, 24.7.2014


The 10th EAJS-congress in Paris, end of July, will feature an interesting panel on Jewish and Talmudic medicine. This panel was initiated and organised by Matteo Martelli and Lennart Lehmhaus, members of the research project A03 (Talmudic Medicine in comparison with medical encyclopaedias in Late Antiquity). Based in Berlin this project is part of the Collaborative Research Center SFB 980 – Episteme in Motion, and  headed by Prof. Philip van der Eijk (HU Berlin) and Prof. Markham J. Geller (FU Berlin).

The research group A03 has organised for the first time a one-day panel with 13 presentations in four sessions that open up different perspectives on medicine and medical discourses throughout Jewish tradition. Matteo Martelli and Lennart Lehmhaus will convene and host this panel, helped by excellent colleagues as chairing persons (Danielle Jacquart, Giuseppe Veltri, Carmen Caballero-Navas).

The papers cover a broad thematic range from traditions of the time oft he Second Temple over medieval works to mystical traditions in the Early Modern Period.  A special focus lies on medical traditions, ideas and concepts as attested in rabbinic Midrash and the Talmudic literature. The participants, among them PhD-candidates, post-doc researchers and professors, will come from North America, Israel and the European Union. A great asset for the panel will be the participation of renown medical historians and experts in rabbinic medicine.


This panel is supported by the Collaborative Research Center SFB 980 – Episteme in Motion.

Panel Programme

Jewish Medicine

European Association of Jewish Studies, Xth Congress, Paris;

ESN, Rue d’Ulm

July 24, 2014, 9 am – 6 pm


Session 1

Federico Dal Bo (Berlin), A Fetus Shaped like a “Sandal”.

Reuven Kiperwasser (Stockholm/ Jerusalem), The Cure of Amnesia and the Metaphoric Physiology of Memory.

Kenneth Collins (Jerusalem/ Glasgow), The Fever that Nourishes: the Purpose of Fever in Rabbinic Texts.


Session 2 (Chair: Danielle Jacquart)

Samuel Kottek (Jerusalem), Caesarean Section in the Talmud and in Greco-Roman culture: A renewed examination.

Estee Dvorjetski (Haifa), Public Health in Jerusalem according to the Talmudic Literature: Reality or Vision?

Aviad Recht (Tel Aviv), ‘The Regimens of Health of the Sages’ – Hellenistic Medical Genre as Processed by the Sages.

Session 3 (Chair: Giuseppe Veltri)

Ronit Yoeli-Tlalim (London), Asian Lore in the Hebrew Book of Asaf.

Tamas Visi (Olomouc/ Jerusalem), Uroscopy in Sefer Assaf.

Carmen Caballero-Navas (Granada), Women’s Secrets: An Assessment of the Early Stage of the Foundation of Hebrew Gynaecology.


Session 4 (Chair: Carmen Caballero-Navas)

Shulamit Shinnar (New York), The Experiments of Cleopatra: Rabbinic Attitudes towards Other Ancient Medical Traditions.

Tirzah Meacham (Toronto), Physicians, Expertise and Halakha: Are Purity Issues Different?

Assaf Tamari (Beer Sheva), “For I the Lord am your healer”? The Medical Discourse of Lurianic Kabbalah and its Contexts.

Matteo Martelli/Lennart Lehmhaus (Berlin), Transfer of medical knowledge in Late Antique  encyclopaedic traditions – a preliminary survey.


The panel on ‚Jewish Medicine‘ is organised and convened by Matteo Martelli (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin) and Lennart Lehmhaus (Freie Universität Berlin), members of the project A03 within the Collaborative Research Center SFB 980 – Episteme in Motion,  headed by Prof. Philip van der Eijk (HUB) and Prof. Markham J. Geller (FUB).