TOC: Melilah, vol 10 (2013): Israel Studies theme

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Open Access:

1. Daniel Langton, Abraham Isaac Kook's Account of 'Creative Evolution': A Response to Modernity for the Sake of Zion.  

2. Simon Mayers, Zionism and Anti-Zionism in the Catholic Guild of Israel: Bede Jarrett, Arthur Day and Hans Herzl.  

3. Roman Vater, Down with Britain, away with Zionism: the 'Canaanites' and 'Lohamey Herut Israel' between two adversaries.  

4. Dvir Abramovich, Breaking Taboos in Israeli Holocaust Literature.  

5. Tessa Satherley, 'The Simple Jew': The 'Price Tag' Phenomenon, Vigilantism, and Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh's Political Kabbalah.

Editors: Daniel R. Langton and Renate Smithuis

Centre for Jewish Studies
University of Manchester