CONFERENCE: "Jews, Liberalism, Anti-Semitism: the Dialectics of Inclusion (1780-1950) (University of Oxford, 13-14 March 2017)

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Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies

Oxford Seminar in Advanced Jewish Studies



Jews, Liberalism, Anti-Semitism: The Dialectics of Inclusion (1780-1950)


13-14 March 2017

Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies

University of Oxford

the Clarendon Institute

Walton Street, Oxford, OX1 2HG




Abigail Green and Simon Levis Sullam



DAY ONE: Monday 13 March 2017




9:45    Welcome:  Abigail Green (Oxford)

                               and Simon Levis Sullam (Ca’Foscari, Venice/OCHJS)


10:00             Opening Address:  Chair: Martin Goodman (Oxford)


David Sorkin (Yale)


Towards a History of Emancipation Politics


11:00-11:30             Coffee (in the Common Room)


1. Jewish Paths: Liberal, secular, religious


11:30-13:15   (1) Chair: Simon Levis Sullam (Ca’Foscari, Venice/OCHJS)


Derek Penslar (Harvard/Oxford)

Lourdes, Mecca, Sadigora: Theodor Herzl on Religion and the Miraculous


Cristiana Facchini (Bologna)

Luigi Luzzatti and the theory of religious toleration


Todd Weir (Groningen)

Secularism and world view: Jewish liberals in Wilhelmine Germany and Cold-war America


Discussant: Ari Joskowicz (Vanderbilt/OCHJS)


13:15-14:15             Lunch (in the Common Room)


14:15-15:45  (2) Chair: Abigail Green (Oxford)


Anne Summers (Birkbeck)

 Varieties of Exclusion: Anglo-Jewish Women Between Worlds, c. 1880-1940


Luisa Levi D’Ancona (Oxford)

 Jewish men and women in Italian culture wars: philanthropy and cremation


Discussant: Laura Leibman (Reed/OCHJS)


15:45-16:15             Tea (in the Common Room)



16:15-18:00 2. Creating Anti-Semitism


            Chair:  Jonathan Kwan (Nottingham/OCHJS)


Marcel Stoetzler (Bangor)

Resonances of the dispute on Antisemitism in classical German sociology: Lazarus, Simmel, Weber


Tom Stammers (Durham)

Parasites on the patrimoine: Antisemitism and the art market in nineteenth-century France


Simon Levis Sullam (Ca' Foscari, Venice/OCHJS)

“The Conquest of the World by the Jews": Forging Antisemitism in the 1870s.

The case of Osman Bey


Discussant: Lisa Leff (American University/OCHJS)





at the Ioannou Centre for Classical and Byzantine Studies, 66 St Giles’


Christopher Clark (Cambridge)

Jews and the End of Days




DAY TWO: Tuesday 14 March 2017




3. Liberalism, Zionism, Empires


9:15-11:00   (1): Mediterranean Empires


            Chair: Michal Friedman (Carnegie Mellon)


Julie Kalman (Monash)

Power and the Dialectics of Exclusion: Algerian Jews and the Making of Empire in the Mediterranean


Ozan Ozavci (Utrecht)

 ‘Le Jeune Turc’, Zionism and Liberals in the Late Ottoman Empire


Ethan Katz (Cincinnati/Hebrew University)

Colonial Jews Beyond Zionism: The Algiers Insurgency of 1942 and the Waning of Franco-Jewish Liberalism


Discussants: Julia Phillips Cohen (Vanderbilt/ OCHJS) & James McDougall (Oxford)


11:00-11:30 Coffee



(2): Comparative perspectives: the Anglo-Sphere and the Habsburg and Russian Empires


Chair:  Derek Penslar


Roundtable: Arie Dubnov (George Washington/OCHJS), Malachi Hacohen (Duke/OCHJS),

Matthew Silver (Max Stern College/OCHJS), Michael Silber (Hebrew University/OCHJS)


12:30-13:30             Lunch


13:30-15:15       4. From Liberalism to Human Rights 


Chair: Duncan Bell (Cambridge)


Abigail Green (Oxford)

Liberal causes, Jewish causes: 1848 – 1859 - 1905


James Loeffler (Virginia)

Chasing the Ghost: Minority Rights in Jewish Political Discourse


Samuel Moyn (Harvard)

From Jewish Internationalism to Jewish Human Rights


Discussants: Jaclyn Granick (Oxford) and Nathan Kurz (Birkbeck)


15:15-15:40             Tea


15:40-16:40              5.  After the War


Chair: Samuel Moyn (Harvard)


Julie Mell (North Carolina State/OCHJS)

Gender, Economic Liberalism, Antisemitism: Selma Stern, Hannah Arendt, Toni Oelsner

 and the Dialectics of Exclusion


Kei Hiruta (Oxford)

Rethinking Liberalism in the Age of Totalitarianism: Hannah Arendt and Isaiah Berlin


16:30-16.40  (short recess)


16:45-17:45      6. Concluding Roundtable: The Dialectics of Inclusion


Chair: David Rechter (Oxford)


Participants: Ruth Harris (Oxford), Duncan Bell (Cambridge),

David Feldman (Birkbeck), Pierre Birnbaum  (Paris I)



This Oxford Seminar in Advanced Jewish Studies

and the concluding conference have been made possible through

the generous support of the following organizations:


The Dorset Foundation

The Polonsky Foundation

Arts and Humanities Research Council