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Toronto, December 30, 2016

Women in Judaism: A Multidisciplinary e-Journal

We are delighted to announce the electronic publication of the new issue of Women in Judaism: A Multidisciplinary e-Journal. The journal can be accessed at

Vol 13, No 1 (2016)

Table of Contents


On Saints, Sinners, and Sex in the Apocalypse of St. John and the Sefer Zerubbabel

Natalie E Latteri

Breaking up Borders and Spaces of Confinement in Joanna Russ’s Kittatiny: A Tale of Magic

Isabel Morales Jareño

Talmudic Musings on Menstruation

Yonah Lavery-Yisraeli

"Garments of Reconciliation:" The Relationship Between Judaism and Islam in the Artworks of Andi Arnovitz

David Sperber


Post-Triumphalism and the New Haskalah

Rosie Rosenzweig

Poetry Review Essays

Emma Lazarus: Spinster-Versifier Well Worth Knowing

Barbara Hantman

Book Reviews

Christ, Carol, and Judith Plaskow. Goddess and God in the World: Conversations in Embodied Theology. Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 2016.

Luke Devine

Fuchs, Ilan. Jewish Women’s Torah Study: Orthodox Religious Education and Modernity. Routledge Jewish Studies Series. NYC, New York: Routledge, 2014.

Alexander Kaye

Marx, Dalia. Massekhet Tamid, Massekhet Middot, Massekhet Qinnim: Text, Translation, and Commentary. Tuebingen, Germany: Mohr Siebeck, 2013 [PDF]

Mary Y. Wang

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