TOC: Jewish Social Studies 22.1

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The editors of Jewish Social Studies are pleased to announce the publication of issue 22.1, with the following articles:


Abraham Rubin, “Muhammad Asad’s Conversion to Islam as a Case Study in Jewish Self-Orientalization”

James Adam Redfield, “Redacting Culture: Ethnographic Authority in the Talmudic Arrival Scene”

Devin E. Naar, “The ‘Mother of Israel’ or the ‘Sephardi Metropolis’? Sephardim, Ashkenazim, and Romaniotes in Salonica”

Nissim Leon, “The Ethnic Structuring of ‘Sephardim’ in Haredi Society in Israel”

Stefan Vogt, “The Postcolonial Buber: Orientalism, Subalternity, and Identity Politics in Martin Buber’s Political Thought”


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