Fellowship: UW-Madison PhD Fellowship Opportunities in Hebrew Bible/Northwest Semitics and Classics

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The Department of Classical and Ancient Near Eastern Studies (CANES) at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, is offering competitive funding to incoming students into its graduate program for both the Biblical Studies and Classical Studies options. We typically award incoming students with competitive university fellowships for their first year of study and/or teaching fellowships and research positions. We also award fellowships for funding for the first year of dissertation research to competitive candidates. Graduate students in our program seeking to study in Jerusalem are encouraged to apply to the George L. Mosse Exchange between UW-Madison and Hebrew University, which provides a year of research funding.

We are a vibrant and supportive community of faculty and graduate students, committed to the study of the ancient Mediterranean and Near East. Our program, which studies the literature, culture, religion, and history of the Classical World and the ancient Near East, offers language training in Hebrew, Greek, Latin, Akkadian, Aramaic, the Canaanite dialects, and Ugaritic.

We engage actively in training new generations of teachers and scholars. While remaining faithful to the linguistic, historical, and philological core of Classical and Ancient Near Eastern Studies, students and faculty also conduct research in such varied areas as Levantine and Classical Archaeology, Epigraphy, Jewish Studies, Religious Theory, Gender Studies, Literary Theory, Translation Studies, and Classical Reception.

We offer two graduate program options, one in Hebrew Bible and Northwest Semitics and the other in Classics. Many of our students take language courses in both options. Students in Hebrew Bible also benefit from coursework and research taking place in the university’s other departments and programs, including Jewish Studies, Religious Studies, History, Art History, Linguistics, Middle Eastern Studies, and Anthropology.

We host an intellectual community of twelve faculty and twenty-five students, nearly twenty of whom are in residence working toward an M.A. or Ph.D. Our program takes pride in its professionalization efforts and in its job placement history. Our alumni teach at secondary schools, colleges, and universities across the US and internationally.

To apply and to be eligible for departmental fellowships, please consult our website and be sure to submit your application before the January 5th deadline:


For inquiries into the Biblical Studies/Northwest Semitics option, please contact Jeremy Hutton (jmhutton@wisc.edu) or Alice Mandell (ahmandell@wisc.edu).

For inquiries into the Classics option, please contact Patricia Rosenmeyer (prosenme@wisc.edu).